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Act I, Sc. 1: The team

January 31, 2008

Charlie: Good question. Again, he refused to elaborate. But he did say I would be contacted again with Stan Bergenmore information.

Stan: The letter!

Charlie: Yes, I think it’s the follow-up to that.

Stan: Well, that was not every enlightening, was it?

Charlie: There is a clear connection between the Tree of Life and Kabbalah. Now, I have to find out what those coordinates were about.

Stan: You?… You mean, “we”…

He smiles at her and she smiles back…

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Act I, Sc.1: The message

January 30, 2008

Charlie Cooper - BookshopStan: Really? Did he say who?

Charlie: No. I asked him if we had met before. He said no, but that he was familiar with my work.

Stan: Your work? Stage work or fiction work?

Charlie: Fiction. Seems like some people want particular themes in my books adapted for the stage.

Stan: Why?

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Act I, Sc.1: The bookseller

January 29, 2008

Stan: Such as?…

Charlie: Such as… I’m still playing with it…

Stan: Ok…Then, what about that bookseller?

Charlie: He asked me if I was Charlie Cooper. I said yes. He replied: “I’ve been told you were coming.”

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Act I, Sc.1: The Tree of Life

January 28, 2008

Tree of Life - KabbalahCharlie: Well, when I took the book to the counter, he looked at me and smiled. I smiled back and he then asked me if I knew what the symbol on the book was.

Stan: Did you know?

Charlie: Yes, it was the Tree of Life. That’s what caught my eye when I saw it in the shop.

Stan: The Tree of Life? Is that some sort of green symbolistic thing?…

Charlie: No, no. Actually it’s a symbol for the evolution of life. It goes way back. I came across it while researching my current play. In fact, I was thinking of using a variation  of that name for the play’s title.

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Act I, Sc. 1: The notebook

January 27, 2008

Charlie: Before I came here to give Falbala a hand with the manuscript, I went into Greenwich village to Notebookmeet Frankie for a coffee. On my way back back I came across a small shop of curios. I went in and bought this notebook.

Stan: This one here?

(Stan points to the book on the coffee table, from which Charlie extracted the letter)

Charlie: Yes. I liked the cover.

Stan: So, why do you think this is important?

Charlie: I’m not sure. But the man at the counter was a little strange.

: How so?

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Act I, Sc.1: The link

January 26, 2008

Stan BergenWhile Chef Ludwig goes back to the stove to continue his preparations, Stan takes the letter from Charlie.

Stan: When did you receive this package?

Charlie: Yesterday. Somebody approached Chef while he was shopping in the village and gave it to him.

Stan: Any idea who might have wanted you to have this?

: Well, now that I know that the pendant is related to Kabbalah, I think I know where this tread may start.

Stan: What do you mean?

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Act I, Sc.1: Time to do some more digging…

January 25, 2008

Falbala (still looking at the sheet of paper): These numbers look like coordinates.Library

Stan: You mean, to places?

Falbala: I think so. Charlie, let me make a copy of this.

Falbala goes to the table, copies the numbers in her notebook, then heads for the door.

Charlie: Where are you going?

Falbala: To the library. I want to check out a hunch.

Chef Ludwig: How long will you be gone? Dinner is almost ready!

: I shouldn’t be long, Chef. Can you keep me something warm? I’ll see you guys in a bit.

Falbala leaves.

Act. I Sc.1: The talisman

January 24, 2008

Kabbalah talismanCharlie: As far as I can tell, it looks like Hebrew.

Falbala: Yes, it is. I believe this is a Kabbalah talisman.

Stan: A what?…

Chef Ludwig: Yes, I remember seeing one in a house once, back in the old country.

Charlie: Why send me that?

Stan: More importantly, who?…

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Act I, Sc.1: The amulet

January 23, 2008

The PendantCharlie: But, that’s not all. There was also a pendant wrapped in that sheet.

She shows it to Stan.

Stan: I’ve seen that symbol before…

Chef comes from the stove, where he’s been preparing a snack for everyone, and looks at the pendant.

Chef Ludwig: Ah so…it is a hamsa, a protective hand.

Stan: Yes, that’s the shape. But what’s written in the middle?

Falbala: May I see?…

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Act I, Sc.1: The Numbers

January 22, 2008

The BookStan: You never told me anything about a letter.

Charlie: I’m still trying to make sense of it.

Falbala: Why? What did it say?

Charlie: Not much, that’s the problem. It was only a single sheet of paper with numbers on it.

Falbala: Let me see…

Charlie picks up a book from the coffee table, opens it, takes a folded sheet of paper out and hands it to Falbala.

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