Act I, Sc.1: Setting

cottage.jpgInterior of a small rustic cabin, with a second story loft. You can see the end-edge of a bed close to the rail at the top. There are windows, stage-right and stage-left on each side of the bed. On the ground floor, there is a sink, fridge, stove, cupboards and counter, up stage, with a window looking out, through which you can see trees. A single door is located down-stage.

There is a fireplace stage-right, a small kitchen table against the wall, stage-left. It is covered with paper, some books and an antique typewriter. There is a coffee cup, pens, and a cellphone on the table. In the centre of the stage is a sofa, facing the audience, with a coffee table. A couple of bean bags are in front of the fireplace. The room is sparsely decorated. A few gas lamps and flashlights are scattered around the cabin.

Time: Late afternoon

The cell phone on the table rings.


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2 Responses to “Act I, Sc.1: Setting”

  1. Sue Says:

    Did you create a real place in SL for your play (the photo in your post)? Anyways, I find your resolution courageous and stimulating ! I would need a kick in the butt myself to write (a goal I have for “latter in life”). Lâche pas la mère, 😉

  2. pixeltheatre Says:

    It is indeed in SL. It’s a challenge, which should be fun. Don’t expect anything at the Pulitzer level, though…;)

    The SLURL to the cabin is: Drop by when you have a minute. You can drop me a note if I’m not there…


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