Act. I Sc.1: The dig

hatatsunrise_001.jpgCharlie: Yes..yes, Falbala started to take a look at it last night as well. But she was so tired after the dig, she fell asleep. She was still in her chair when I went to bed, and back in the field by the time I came down this morning. I haven’t seen her yet today.


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2 Responses to “Act. I Sc.1: The dig”

  1. Sue Says:

    Hé, hé ! Super ! Falbala prend vie… Quand les éléments de l’histoire se préciseront (drame, comédie, suspense, crime…) j’essairai de t’apporter des suggestions. Histoire d’aider l’inspiration. Mais tu restes la maitresse du destin de Falbala et de Charlie bien sûr. Ça peut devenir hyper créatif cette affaire-là. Ciao, xx (Je te trouve pas mal bonne).

  2. pixeltheatre Says:

    En effet! 🙂 Let’s go for it Sue…ahh…Falbala..:) I look forward to your suggestions.



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