Act I, Sc. 1: The accountant

stan_002.jpgCharlie: Frankie, gotta go. Stan has just arrived. Oh..I don’t know. I’m not sure why he came all the way out here…No clue.  I asked but he didn’t want to say over the phone…Yes, I’ll let you know. Ok. Take care.

Charlie hangs up the phone as Stan comes through the door.

Stan: Ahhh…there’s my blossom girl!

Stan  crosses to Charlie and hugs her.

Charlie: Hi Stan…It’s so nice to see you. Glad you managed to find your way to our remote post, here…

Stan: Just be thankful I had a GPS, sweetheart. Falbala was kind enough to send me your coordinates. Directions are not your forte, are they? …

Charlie (smiling): I’m a writer, Stan, not a director…Would you like some coffee?

Stan: Honey, that would be fabulous.


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