Act I, Sc.1: The archaelogist

Falbala Matfield

The door opens. Falbala comes in.

Charlie: Hey girl! Done for the day?

Falbala (wearily) : Hi there. Hey Stan…Glad you made it in.

Stan: Thanks for the help. Come on in, take a load off…

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2 Responses to “Act I, Sc.1: The archaelogist”

  1. Sue Says:

    Mmmm… They all know each others. What could be the connection between them. Stan & Charlie seem to be a couple. What about Charlie and Fal, could they be sisters ? Or highschool friends ? And what could be the link between the cabin, the play and the dig site (that appears to be nearby)….Mmmm Je vais continuer d’y réfléchir over the weekend. Ciao, xx

  2. pixeltheatre Says:

    Ah… 🙂 What is the purpose of the dig?..How important is it for Falbala? Why would she need Charlie there? Or does she? Is it an excuse for Charlie to procrastinate on her play? Is Falbala publishing anything on her end?…

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