Act I, Sc.1: The Legend

Falbala: That’s true, Stan. But  the absence of evidence does not mean the evidence of absence. The Blakkr Men, and itsBooks power, shimmers in too many legends to be fictional.

Charlie: We thought we had narrowed it down to three potential locations, but Falbala uncovered another two a couple of weeks ago. Which is why we’re now here.

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2 Responses to “Act I, Sc.1: The Legend”

  1. Sue Says:

    Good, good, good ! I really like where this is leading. It gives at lot of possibilities (dig sites, mystery, mythology, etc.!) And it could explain why Charlie is late writing her play (she too absorbed in the Blakkr Men research with Fal). Way to go !

  2. pixeltheatre Says:

    Tell me about it…this dig is totally allowing Charlie to stray from her next Pulitzer Prize…LOL!

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