Act I, Sc.1: Time to do some more digging…

Falbala (still looking at the sheet of paper): These numbers look like coordinates.Library

Stan: You mean, to places?

Falbala: I think so. Charlie, let me make a copy of this.

Falbala goes to the table, copies the numbers in her notebook, then heads for the door.

Charlie: Where are you going?

Falbala: To the library. I want to check out a hunch.

Chef Ludwig: How long will you be gone? Dinner is almost ready!

: I shouldn’t be long, Chef. Can you keep me something warm? I’ll see you guys in a bit.

Falbala leaves.


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2 Responses to “Act I, Sc.1: Time to do some more digging…”

  1. Woeful Says:

    I’m always glad to see people visiting the library, virtual or otherwise…

  2. pixeltheatre Says:

    It’s about to be featured even more.

    Thanks for your post, Woeful! šŸ™‚

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