Act I. Sc. 1: Jetting back…

Charlie: I don’t know… (looking at the pendant) I’ve been trying to figure out the material of this pendant.Kabbalah talisman

Stan: It almost feels like marble…

Charlie: But it’s too light for marble. And it’s warm to the touch.

Chef Ludwig: Lunch is ready!

Stan: Ah…thank you Chef…

Charlie: I wonder what’s keeping Falbala…

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2 Responses to “Act I. Sc. 1: Jetting back…”

  1. Sue Says:

    She’s trying to re-build her New York apartment… merde. (It appeared that the skybox that she bought – which was supposed to fit on a 512 sq. m. lot – is too big !) She should get back soon…

  2. pixeltheatre Says:

    Oohh.. Jeez..Sorry to hear that…Hang in there, Falbala! (no pun intended…)

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