Act I. Sc. 3: The alpha map

Stan (nodding his head slowly): Uh, uh…
Pedro Marlin with Alpha Map
Charlie: I still don’t see the connection with the maps.

Pedro (motioning to his map): I grew up with a copy of this map. It is well known in traffi…uh trading circles.

Charlie: It just looks like a simplified version of the maps in the book.

Pedro: Yes, sort of. It’s an ancient alpha map of trading routes on, what is now, the European continent.

Stan: Alpha map?

Pedro: Think of it as one layer of  a  3-D map.

Chef Ludwig (brightening up) :, like a mille-feuille? A Napoleon?

Pedro looks at Chef Ludwig, puzzled.

Stan: And this will helps us find the Blakkr Men?

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