Act I. Sc. 3: One map

Guido _ Coffee with PedroPedro: He asked me if I had ever seen a complete map of a network. I said no, as far as I knew, they did not exist. He smiled.

Charlie: Then what?

Pedro: He came to speak, then stopped. So I asked him why was he so interested in the map. He replied he was not the only one who was interested. I asked him who else would be in this old map? He smiled again.

Stan:  Again?

Pedro: Yes. So again I asked him who? He asked me if somebody else had approached me about the map. I said no.

Charlie: Not exactly forthcoming with information, was he?

Pedro:  No. So I asked him point blank: Is there a full map I should be aware of? And if so, why were so many people interested in it?

Stan: What did he say?

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  1. Sue Says:

    Je suis pendue à tes lèvres ….

  2. pixeltheatre Says:

    Merci la mère! J’espère que tout va bien de ton côté. 🙂

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