Act I. Sc. 3: Falbala calling

Charlie: How would a Venezuelan get to Spain in the 16th century?
Charlie - Falbala on the phone
Chef Ludwig’s phone rings.

Pedro: It’s a long story…

Chef Ludwig: Hallo?.. Falbala! Where are you, liebschen? Yes, yes..they’re here…Hang on… Charlie!

Charlie takes the phone from Chef Ludwig.

Charlie: Falbala? Where are you? We’ve been looking for you. Where?… Speak up! I can’t hear you…What?…Go where?…You’re sending me what?…Falbala, I can’t hear you…Falbala?…Falbala?…

Stan: What’s going on?

: She hung up.

Stan: What did she say?

Charlie: I couldn’t hear much of it. There was such a din in the background. It was something about a forum… Or a column?…

The phone beeps.

Stan: There’s a message coming in…

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