Act. I, Sc. 3: The connection

Pedro: I have parts of maps, and clues as to where to find some other parts.

Charlie: And the Forum would be one of those locations?

Pedro: Yes.

Stan: And you say these maps are related to Falbala’s dig?

Pedro: Yes, and Charlie’s pendant. It is all connected.

Charlie: I’ve heard enough. Let’s go. We need to find Falbala. I have a feeling there’s something no good brewing.

Chef Ludwig: Speaking of brewing, how about I prepare some strong coffee and a snack for the road ahead?

Stan: Chef, that would be lovely.

Chef Ludwig: Wunderbar! Pedro, how do you like your coffee?

Pedro: Oh? Ah, just black, please. Thank you Chef.

Chef Ludwig: It’s a pleasure. I’ll get everything ready while you pack, Charlie.

Charlie: I shouldn’t be long.

: Pedro and I will be waiting for you at the car, sweetheart.

Charlie: OK.

Stan and Pedro go out as Chef returns to his stove to prepare the food basket. Charlie goes up to the loft to pack. Lights out.

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