Act. I, Sc. 4: Onward

Pedro: Hum…No answer…

Charlie: Cell connections aren’t always reliable, especially all that way.

Stan: Ok. Well, I think there’s a reason we’ve all been getting this image sent to us. We need to go there.

Charlie: I’m ready. Let’s go.

Pedro: I have to stop by the campsite to pick up my stuff.

Stan: Ok. Let’s meet in the square to figure out the best route.

Pedro: Sounds good.

Pedro gets on his bike and roars away. Stan and Charlie go to the car. Stan loads Charlie’s bags into the trunk and then climbs in the driver’s seat while Charlie settles into the passenger seat. They look at each other.

Stan: Are you sure about this?

Charlie: No. All I know is that I want to find Falbala. I’m worried about her. Let’s go!

Stan starts the car. Lights out.


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