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Act. I., Sc. 5: Age

May 31, 2008

Charlie: Hey!…kiddo…wait till you get my age…

Pedro: What makes you think I’m not?…

Charlie looks at Pedro, trying to guess  his age.

Charlie: I don’t know…

She smiles.


Act. I., Sc. 5: Looking glass

May 30, 2008

Pedro: Yes, there is…Below…Can you see the writing?

Charlie: I can see scratches.. That’s writing?

Charlie extends her arm, trying to focus her eyes on the alleged writing. Pedro smiles.

Pedro: I think someone needs glasses…


Act. I., Sc. 5: Look closer

May 29, 2008

Pedro: Huh, huh…What else do you see?..

Charlie: There’s something else, here?


Act. I., Sc. 5: The Wreath

May 28, 2008

Pedro: If you look closely, I think you’ll recognize the insignia.

Charlie peers at the blotch on the paper. Pedro chuckles.

Pedro: You’ve seen it recently….

Charlie: Looks like a laurel wreath… 




Act. I., Sc. 5: The smudge

May 27, 2008

Pedro: Look, here, in the corner…

Charlie: That’s a smudge…

Pedro: No, actually, it’s not.

Charlie: No?


Act.I., Sc. 5: See?

May 26, 2008

Pedro: See what I mean?…

Charlie: Not exactly. 

She looks at Pedro, puzzled. 

Charlie: There’s nothing on this note.

She turns the note over.

Pedro: Actually, there is.

He takes the note from her.


Act. I., Sc. 5: Hum…

May 25, 2008

Charlie takes the note, opens it and frowns.

Charlie: Hum…


Act. I., Sc. 5: Let’s see

May 24, 2008

Pedro: Hum…I’m not sure what to make of this…

Charlie: May I see?…

Pedro: Sure.

He hands Charlie the note.

Act. I., Sc. 5: the note, pt.2

May 23, 2008

Pedro looks at the note and frowns.

Charlie: What’s the matter?

Act. I., Sc. 5: The cook

May 22, 2008

Pedro: There’s a branch of my family that’s been involved in the hospitality business for centuries.

Charlie: As inn keepers?

Pedro: Yes, and as cooks.

Charlie: Really? Do you cook?

Pedro: Yes, I do.

Charlie (now very interested): I see….