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Act. I. Sc. 5: The expert

June 30, 2008

Chan: An anonymous buyer contacted the Norwegian authorities, looking for some information on a specific piece. The government thought it had the real artifact in the museum. Turned out not to be the case.

Pedro: How did they find out?

Chan: They sent a call to various experts in this field. Most did not recognize the fake, that is…

Pedro: That is… until you?… 


Act. I., Sc. 5: Artifacts

June 29, 2008

Chan: Yes. A few years ago, the Norwegian government started to track down some of its lost cultural artifacts.

Pedro: Why?

Chan: Counterfeit.

Pedro: Counterfeit?

Chan: Yes. They became aware that many supposedly  authentic artifacts in museums around the world were, in fact, copies.

Pedro: How did they find that out? 

Act. I., SC. 5: The collection

June 28, 2008

Chan: The Norse Institute. Department of Folklore.

Pedro: Is that a school? Do you teach there?

Chan: Sort of. I look after a collection of artifacts.

Pedro: A collection?

Act. I., Sc. 5: Where you from?

June 27, 2008

Pedro: Maybe we should wait for Stan to join us before we go any further?

: I’ll give him a call.

She takes a few steps away while Pedro and Chan start walking down the alley.

Pedro: So, which Institute are you with, again?

Act.I., Sc. 5: Right place…

June 26, 2008

Charlie: Stan is my accountant, slash, agent, slash, friend

Chan: And why is he involved in this?

Charlie: He was at the right place, at the right time?…

Chan: Let’s hope.

Charlie: What do you mean?

Act. I., Sc. 5: Where’s Stan?

June 25, 2008

Pedro: Wasn’t he supposed to meet us back here?

Charlie: Yes. That’s strange. I wonder what’s keeping him?

Chan: Who is Stan?

Act. I., Sc. 5: Calling Stan

June 24, 2008

Pedro and Chan both look at Charlie. There is a silence.

Chan: Ok. Perhaps we should have a seat somewhere?…

Pedro: There is a café right around the corner. 

Charlie: Let’s do that. Let’s see if I can reach Stanley. I think he should be there too. 

Act. I., Sc. 5: Code

June 23, 2008

Chan (looking at Pedro):  Dude?…

Pedro: Alright, sorry about that. But, finish what you started. You came here looking for Charlie. You found her. Carry through…

Chan: You’re right. You’re  involved now, anyways. Might has well face the facts.

Charlie: Involved how, exactly?

Pedro: And in what, exactly?

Chan (looking at Pedro): Don’t YOU know?

Pedro: I thought I did, but now I’m not so sure.

Charlie: Not so sure about what? Who? Where? Someone, please stop talking in code! 

Act. I., Sc. 5: Wait

June 22, 2008

Charlie: Wait a minute… Go on… What are you saying?

Pedro: Dude, you can’t leave us hanging, here…


Act. I., Sc. 5: Too much

June 21, 2008

Chan (hesitating): It depends…

Pedro: On what?

Chan (hesitating): On how deep you want to get…

Charlie: I don’t quite follow…

Chan (retreating): Perhaps I have spoken too much…