Act. I., Sc. 5: Footsteps

Pedro (listening): Did you hear that?

Charlie: The owl?

Pedro: No. Someone is coming…

Charlie listens as the sound of footsteps appear to come closer.

Charlie: Ah, this could be Stan coming back from the library.

Pedro: I don’t think so. Too heavy…

Charlie: What? 


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2 Responses to “Act. I., Sc. 5: Footsteps”

  1. daveross Says:

    Hi, nice idea. I’ll go back to the start and read it through. I’ve written a script for a musical “Jimmy Blue” and posted it on my blog with the original songs by Del Amitri. Take a look at
    Good luck with yours I’ll look forward to folowing it.
    Dave Ross

  2. pixeltheatre Says:

    Thanks Dave! I’ve started to read Jimmy Blue. Unfortunately, the songs are not playing. I’ll keep trying…

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