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Act. II., Sc. 1: Pattern

August 31, 2008

Pedro: What the heck is that?

Charlie: That’s what I  was hoping Chan would tell me. 

Pedro: That’s what you received while standing at the wicket?

Charlie: Yes.

Pedro: Can you tell who sent it to you?

Charlie: No. The source is listed as unknown.

Pedro: A blocked number.

Charlie (looking closer at the pattern): Yes. This does look familiar, though.


Act. II, Sc. 1: What?

August 30, 2008

Act. II, Sc. 1: Origins

August 29, 2008

Charlie: Well, maybe not location, but the origin.

Pedro: Origin of what?

Charlie shows the cell screen. 

Act. II, Sc. 1: Location?

August 28, 2008

Charlie: I thought he would perhaps recognize the location.

Pedro: What location?

Act. II., Sc. 1: Ask Chan

August 27, 2008

Pedro: Who was it from?

Charlie: I’m not sure. That’s why I returned to the car to ask Chan.

Pedro: Why would he know?

Act. II, SC. 1: The cell

August 26, 2008

Charlie: It came on my cell phone while I was waiting at the ticket counter.

She takes out her cellphone and punches a few keys. 

Act. II., Sc. 1: The message

August 25, 2008

Pedro hesitates.

Charlie (puzzled): Afraid of what, Pedro?

Pedro: That he would snatch you too. 

Charlie: Oh…

Pause. Both look awkwardly at each other. Pedro looks away.

Charlie: Hum… I wonder what he showed Chan?…

Pedro: Actually, I’m curious. What were you looking at on your cell phone at about the same time?

Charlie (startled): Right, I almost forgot. The message…

Pedro: What message?

Act. II, Sc. 1: Bon voyage

August 24, 2008

Pedro: He rolled down the window when the stranger knocked on it. The stranger talked then showed him something on his cell phone. Chan got very agitated and got out of the car. He followed the stranger into the station. I lost sight of them there.

Charlie: That’s when I got back to the car. I’m pretty sure I saw get them into the train just as it pulled out of the station.

Pedro: I would imagine so. That’s when I came into the station. I was afraid…

Charlie: Afraid of what?

Act. II, Sc. 1: Chan

August 23, 2008

Pedro: I was able to see what happened when you got out of the car and went to the ticket office.

Charlie: Oh?

Pedro: You had barely reached the office when he approached Chan in the car.

Charlie: What did Chan do?

Act. II, Sc. 1: Hidden

August 22, 2008

Charlie: What happened next?

Pedro: We both saw you and Chan approaching the station. He slammed his cell shut and hid in one corner of the building.

Charlie: That’s strange. I never saw you there.

Pedro: I was behind the horse-drawn carriage.

Charlie: Ah, yes. I recall seeing that. You were well hidden.

Pedro: I’m glad I was.

Charlie: Why?