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Act. II., Sc. 2: Looking around

September 30, 2008

Charlie looks around at the well-worn pub. It’s a spacious two-story space. with one stage on one end. There are not many people around. She watches Pedro at the bar waiting for the drinks he just ordered.


Act. II., Sc. 2: Hum…

September 29, 2008

Act. II, Sc. 2: Strongbow cider

September 28, 2008

Charlie looks at the selection.

Charlie: Uh…yeah…I’ll have a Strongbow cider.

Pedro: Good choice. I’ll be right back.

Pedro goes to the bar while Charlie sits on one of the stool and looks around the pub.

Act. II., Sc. 2: Thirsty?

September 27, 2008

Pedro walks past Charlie and heads for the bar. Charlie catches up with him and stops him before he reaches it. She pulls him towards one of the empty tables on one side of the room.

Charlie: Pedro, not so fast.

Pedro: What do you mean?

Charlie: Let’s talk.

Pedro: Ok. Something to drink?

He motions towards the bar.

Act. II., Sc. 2: Inside The Blarney Stone

September 26, 2008

Act.II, Sc. 2: Into the breach

September 25, 2008

Charlie smiles and goes to the door, peers inside.

Act. II., Sc. 2: Moving on

September 24, 2008

Pedro: Oh… let’s just say it was a lifetime ago and I’m glad I’ve closed that chapter. Shall we?

He motions to the door of the pub and smiles. 

Act. II., Sc. 2: Previous life

September 23, 2008

Pedro: An old acquaintance from a previous life.

Charlie: Which life was that?

Pedro remains silent. He smiles.

Act. II., Sc. 2: Who’s here?

September 22, 2008

Charlie peers inside the pub. There is music playing and you can hear the hubub of conversations and laughter.

Charlie: Sounds like a happenin’ place.

Pedro: It is. You never know who you’ll meet in here.

Charlie: Really? Who do you hope to meet in here?

Act. II., Sc. 2: The Blarney Stone, pt. 2

September 21, 2008