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Act. II, Sc. 3: Outside

October 31, 2008

Charlie looks at Pedro, who’s looking at the couple dancing. She looks around the room and outside the window. She hears the roar of a motorcycle in the distance.


Act. II, Sc.3: Who’s that?

October 30, 2008

Charlie looks down and see Pat ordering the beers at the bar. A young man joins him and says something in his ear. Pat nods and points towards Pedro and Charlie. The young man looks up, then back at Pat. He says a few more words before leaving. Pat looks up at Charlie and winks.

Act. II, Sc. 3: Nothing

October 29, 2008

Charlie looks down towards the bar. A couple is dancing. She smiles. Pedro looks down, then at her. She looks up to see him looking at here.

Charlie: What?

Pedro: Nothing.

Act. II, Sc. 3: Meal in a can

October 28, 2008

Pat: Good choice, lad! How about you, darling?

Charlie: A Guinness sounds  just about right. I’m starving.

Pedro (smiling): Well, it is known as a meal in a can.

Pat: And is healthy too. Good choice! Let me get these for you.

Pat toddles down to the bar. 

Act. II, Sc. 3: Hum… Guinness…

October 27, 2008

Act. II, Sc. 3: In Ireland…

October 26, 2008

Pat: Pull up a stool… Would you like a drink?

Pedro: Yes, actually that would be nice. Charlie?

Charlie: Thank you, I will.

Pat: What’ll you have?

Pedro (smiling): Well, let me think… If you’re in Ireland…

Act. II, Sc. 3: Darling

October 25, 2008

Pat (looking at Charlie, eyes twinkling): Yes, my darling… You don’t mind me calling you “darling”, do you?

Charlie (smiling at the impish little man): No, I don’t.  What do mean by “more than that”?

Act. II, Sc. 3: More?

October 24, 2008

Pedro: Of course. It’s the tree of life.

: Yes, it is. But a lot more too.

Charlie: A lot more?

Act. II, Sc. 3: Ooooh…

October 23, 2008

The little man’s face lights up.

Pat: Ooooh!… I haven’t seen that one for a awhile…

Pedro: You know what this is?

Pat (chuckling): Of course I do! Do you?

Act. II, Sc. 3: Elusive pendant

October 22, 2008

Pedro: Well, we’re on the hunt for an elusive pendant. And I can’t think of anyone else better at this type of hunt.

Pat: Really? I’m flattered. What is this elusive pendant?

Charlie flips opens her phone and shows it to Pat.