Act. II., Sc. 3: All together

Charlie looks at Pedro, then at Pat.

Pedro: It’s actually all tied together.

Charlie: Is it, now?…

Pat:  You two should get going. I told him you would be there shortly.

Pedro: Yes. Thank you Pat. I owe you one.

Pat (with twinkling eyes): Yes…you do…. Charlie, it was a pleasure, if a brief one, to meet you. Take care of yourself.

Charlie (shaking the little man’s hand): Likewise, Pat. Thank you for your help.

Pedro: Ok. Let’s go.

They get on Pedro’s bike and ride off. Pat pulls out h cell phone, punches a few times.

Pat: Hey… they’re on their way..Yes, both of them. You still have the girl?… Good… Make sure she’s ready…

He hangs up.



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