About Cue the Penguin!

A resolution for 2008: Write a play, one post at a time!

I received an email from Eden at NaBloPoMo. They’re following their November challenge (of posting every day in that month) with a more daring one: posting every day of 2008! I started the November challenge somewhat late, got sidetracked and never completed it. I’m going to give this one a go. Instead of just posting anything, I will attempt to write a full play, using Second Life as my set. Some posts may just be one line, some may be stage directions, some may be full-length dialogues. I’m not going to commit to anything more than posting once a day. I’m not even sure what that play will look or sound like. I have no plot or characters in mind at the moment. I will let my intuition guide me. Which, I realize, is not the usual way to go about this, but, hey, why not?…Let’s see how many corners I can write myself in and out of… ;)

I invite you to write along with me in the comments section. Give me your version of where you think the scenario might go. I may or may not follow your lead. We may join up for part of it and split again. It will be a free-flowing experiment. Please keep it clean and fairly void of coarse language. As much as I admire David Mamet, I don’t necessarily see the need to use that language to make a point.

The curtain rises on January 1st, 2008.

PS. Why did I call this blog Cue the Penguin! ?

I chose Cue the Penguin! as the title of this blog because it’s the first thing that came to my mind at the end of Act I, when I saw The Man Who Came to Dinner, with Nathan Lane. There is a penguin that comes on stage right before the curtain falls and, as a former stage manager, I could hear what the show’s SM must have said at that moment. I’ve had the pleasure of working with a live cat for a production of Bell, Book and Candle, and I know working with live animals can be a challenge… )

Hopefully this challenge will prove to be an entertaining as well as a productive one.


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