Act. II., Sc.3: The book

December 22, 2008

Charlie looks closer at the screen.

Charlie: Hum…perhaps not…But it is the same book, though.

Pat: No, actually, it is THE book…

Pedro: So, that’s where it’s been?

Pat smiles at Pedro.


Act. II., Sc. 3: The cabin?

December 21, 2008


Pedro: Don’t you recognize the book?

Charlie: Yes, that’s the one I had at the cabin.

Pedro: Are you sure this place is your cabin?

Act. II., Sc. 3: The twist

December 20, 2008

Charlie; Here we go again.

Pedro looks at  the screen.

Pedro: Yes, but with a twist.

Charlie:  What do you mean?

Act. II, Sc. 3: Who’s that?

December 19, 2008

Charlie looks at Pedro.

Charlie: I wonder who that could be?

She looks at her screen and looks at Pedro then Pat.

Act. II., Sc. 3: The cell

December 18, 2008

Charlie’s cell phone rings.

Act. II., Sc. 3: Let’s see…

December 17, 2008

Pat pulls out a piece of paper from his pocket.

Pat: I think this will help you in your quest.

Pedro takes the piece of paper, reads it and looks at Charlie, then Pat. 

Pedro: GPS coordinates of the Elder?

Pat nods.

Charlie: Let me see.

Pedro hands the note to Charlie. She takes her cell phone out.

: Let’s see where that takes us…

Act. II., Sc. 3: First Contact

December 16, 2008

Charlie: That sounds promising.

Pedro: You have contacted the Elder?

Pat: Yes, I have.

Pedro: And?…

Act. II., Sc. 3: More than that

December 15, 2008

Pedro: More than that? What do you mean?

Pat: I think you’ll be pleased.

Act. II., Sc. 3: More than that

December 14, 2008

Pat: Ah, Pedro… I think you’ll be pleased.

Pedro: Really? you’ve contacted him?

Pat: Oh…More than that..

Act. II., Sc. 3: What’s the news?

December 13, 2008

Pedro: So, what’s the news, Pat?