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Act. 1., Sc. 5: Incoming

May 1, 2008

Pedro’s cell phone rings. He flips the cover.

Pedro: Hello?

A series of beeps are heard.

Pedro: Again?…

He looks at the screen.

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Act. I., Sc. 4: Origins

April 21, 2008

Charlie: That’s the sane picture Falbala sent me. How could she have your cell phone number?

: I don’t know.

Stan: Where is this picture coming from?

Pedro punches through the various message screens.

Act. I., Sc. 4: Whoa!

April 19, 2008

Charlie comes out of the cottage.

Charlie: What are you two up to?

Stan: Check out what’s on Pedro’s cell screen!

Charlie goes to Pedro.

Charlie: Whoa!

Act I., Sc. 4: A fax?

April 17, 2008

Another long bip is heard, followed by a series of short beeps and electronic hisses.

Pedro: That’s different…

Stan: Sounds like a fax machine is trying to get through.

Pedro: Hang on… what’s this.

He looks at the screen of his cell phone.

Act I., Sc. 4: Who’s got your number?

April 15, 2008

Stan: It doesn’t matter. There are hacks for everything now. Nothing is safe or secure anymore.

Pedro: Hum…I’ve been getting these phone calls regularly for the past week now.

Stan: Really? Who’s the last person you gave your number to?

Pedro: Good question…Let me think here…

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Act. I., Sc. 4: Yours or mine?

April 13, 2008

Stan: Your phone or mine?

Pedro: I believe it’s mine. Who could it be?

Pedro takes out the cell phone from his bike.